Mad Man Tendencies in Religion

December 15, 2013

What is a mad man? Basically someone who feels, sees, hears things that we do not.

Let’s say for a month you’ve been hearing insistent voices in your head that say someone is coming to shoot you! Then there have been dreams too;  vivid dreams of how the shootout will be like and exactly how you’ll die;

Having experienced all this, does anyone have a right to tell you that you didn’t hear anything or that you didn’t see anything?

I think not! You had your visions and heard the voices- you know what you saw! And it’s true by you!

Only, it doesn’t give you a right to pass a law that everyone with a gun must be put to death or have his gun confiscated. You don’t have that right at all.

Mad man tendencies in religions are the visions people see of heaven, hell, god and the words he says to them. It’s all well if you saw the face of your god in your dream- you saw what you saw and we did not. We don’t have a right to tell you that your god has no face but then neither do you have a right to tell us that your god exists when we haven’t seen him.

It’s all well if you heard your god telling you to kill homosexuals – just don’t act upon it and think you’ll get away with doing your god’s will. The other god’s do not agree and they say we should execute you.

Imagine the fun when everyone acts upon the voices in their heads!

Now, nobody cares much for the mad man that keeps to himself. You too like that mad man can see all you want in your mind but the moment you start running around shoving your visions down other people’s throats, we will lock you up.

Any Christian who thinks the people in the bible actually heard God’s words should also believe that the Bermuda triangle is a door to the future; the aliens drew the Nazca lines and that the concept of reincarnation is true cuz there are people who say that they’ve been to the past and back. Sure there is no evidence to what they say but hey, we don’t really need evidence for things other people see, do we?

Some of us do. And thank goodness for science!

For if we were all good Christians who believed in claims without evidence, we would still be thinking that the earth is flat and that it is the center of the universe.

So have your invisible god and hear his voice all you want; just don’t shove him down people’s throats. I too have an idea of god in my head and that idea is lots of fun to listen to and hang around. And I am open to god theories cuz most of them are hilarious, but just don’t call me retarded and then talk about your invisible god being the “true” god.


P.S-  added this photo cuz its FUNNY! Hahahaaaaaaaaaa! Have a lovely day good people 😀







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