On Freewill and Other Bullshit

December 12, 2013

Free-will definition (Merriam Webster)
– the ability to choose how to act
– the ability to make choices that are not controlled by God or fate

To Christians who still insist there is such a thing as free will in Christianity:

  1. Did you choose to be born?
  2. Can you choose when and how to die?

    Assuming that free will applies only in matters of going to heaven and hell:

  3. Does God know the exact number of people that will be in hell? Yes he does cuz according to Christianity, he’s “all knowing”
  4. So he created people he knows very well will be among the numbers in hell but it’s their fault if they get there?

Seriously, let’s never discuss free-will and Christianity in the same sentence- not at this point surely!

In Christianity there is only God’s will and the Lucifer’s will a.k.a. Free will.

God’s will will get you to heaven partying with the angels.

Free-will will get you Lucifer’s fate. (Yeah, Lucifer is the inventor of free will and look where it got him!)

So next time a Christian mentions free will to me , in Jesus own words I tell you, “Away with you Satan!” 😀



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