On Questioning God

December 11, 2013

The story of Christians who never question God goes like this:

A generous daddy gives you everything you ask for and on top of that, you have a billion dollar estate to inherit when you turn 22. Occasionally though, in the mansion you live in, you find a dead child in the freezer that he keeps hidden. Each week it’s a different baby and there are parents on TV each day asking after their missing babies.

You think of asking your old man but you fear he will get angry and refuse to give you the billion dollars he promised you- so you just shut up about it. Besides, he uses his money to take a million kids to school and build homes for the homeless. And he loves kids! Surely, there must be a plausible explanation…


If you love someone and seek to understand them, do you not ask questions about them? If your lover told you today that he killed someone, will you just brush it aside and say “I still love you baby.”  Or will you be horrified at his actions and pester him to justify his actions to you?

And if he loves you equally and cares that you still trust him, will he not explain himself to you?

That’s my view on questioning God. He is never pissed when we ask him questions cuz when we do; we get answers and understand the universe as it is. If we didn’t question God and his workings, Galileo would never have come forward and proclaimed that the earth is round. We would still be the stupid people who believed that the earth is flat.

For all the scientific breakthroughs we have made so far, it’s strange that Christianity is so against clarification and seeks blind faith instead. If God is as smart as I think he is, I think he is super pissed at people who wonder at things but never ask questions.

He is an unworthy lover who claims to deeply love that which he doesn’t understand and doesn’t seek to understand.

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