For many people, the idea of an afterlife is glamorous. My sis plays gospel music that talks of the promise of a fab afterlife because Jesus resurrected and so will people if they do good. And while many Christians I’ve come across hold on to this hope and do all the good they can to resurrect and live forever, for me it’s so tragic. Resurrection? Another life? This isn’t the last?!

From the following prospects Life is fucked up- from the afterlife backwards

  1. Heaven- spend forever with strangers; Even if for some reason all your family and friends make it, forever is a long time to be doing nothing but eating and singing.
  2. Hell- pain and torture are not a very attractive prospect ; Consider joining masochist boot camp- just in case you’re prone to wrong doing 😀
  3. Reincarnation- how very exhausting- another life? Again????

And that’s the reason I abandoned Christianity. It doesn’t even give me option # 3 above! What use is it being a Christian if it was taking me to places I didn’t want?

I’ve been really hopeless of late- Solomon’s “Life is vanity” should be my FB status cuz all my past questions have come down to this- What’s the point of life? I stay around very religious Christians I can’t have a decent  anti religious argument  with. So I still haven’t gotten the answer cuz for them, avoiding hell and getting to heaven is more than enough. It’s not enough for me. Getting to heaven or hell? And then what?

I could talk to my sis – she’s very helpful to talk to- but she doesn’t know I abandoned Christianity. And she’s quite christianly nowadays- she believes in that hell/heaven thingie. I doubt she’ll take my sentiments very nicely.  So that leaves me with my questions and dilemma.

What’s the rehab for people who abandon religions? I must learn how people live with no religion without being this hopeless person I am becoming.

I need to make an atheist friend asap. Share a link and I’ll stalk you. # sincerely in need of a non religious mentor

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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