The Bible is not the Word of God

December 16, 2013

I will roll my eyes next time someone says the bible is the word of God.

It is not!

The bible is a collection of the words of people about God i.e. what God might have wanted, what God could be thinking, what God was doing… just  people second guessing God. So basically, it’s a set of theories about God.

(Deut 24) Moses gives a law that is supposedly from God own mouth and tells people that they may divorce their wives if they no longer find them desirable. In Deutronomy 24:4, he goes on to say that the former husband may not take the divorced wife back because that is an abomination to the LORD. It’s like God actually told him- “Remarrying? Same girl? Man, I hate that shit!?”

Now, Jesus later comments that, “Moses ALLOWED divorce…but this was not how God wanted it to be…” (Mark 10:5-6)

He doesn’t say God allowed, he says MOSES ALLOWED. God’s laws vs Moses’ laws apparently are not the same thing as Christians believe.

Makes me wonder how many times Moses was making up his own laws and citing God’s name as reference.  And just how much of the bible is actually God’s words if at all.

moses and the burning bush! LOL!

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