The Pedophilia Aspect in Islam

December 2, 2013

A good friend of mine was greatly insulted by this short story about Muhammad and his pedophilic tendencies. She could not understand why I would insult her religion so. This is a post to her and to any other Muslim who were similarly offended.

1- The post was MEANT to offend. There is really no way of pointing out a religious flaw without being offensive to the believers of that religion. That I could not help.

2- The post was not aimed at insulting Muslims- it was a protest against poisonous religious dogma and legalized child marriages. I am strongly against any principles perpetrated by so called “holy people”- religious or otherwise- that allow for gender based violence and pedophilia  (yes, I  said PEDOPHILIA)

3- Islamic sharia law DOES allow pedophilia and early child marriages. Because Muhammad did it to a nine year makes it okey for other Muslims (who have a sexual desire for  children to do so too and even quote their leader at that)  and that’s sickening.

Do I think Islam should be eradicated?

No I do not. I have lived with Muslims all my life and most of them are good-hearted people. This other breed that marries off babies to pay debts- I do not get!

I just think Islam needs to be tamed- the way Christianity has been tamed into behaving more humanly. I think that its time to rethink even Muhammad’s actions and correct oppressive laws if Islam is to co-exist with the rest of the world as the religion of peace.

Its by grace that Kenya has clear rules against child marriages but honestly, I fear for the world and the future generation of girls if ever Islam is to become the dominant religion.

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