And who’s winning anyway?

I believe in the battle of good and evil- and sometimes good triumphs, sometimes evil does. Two sides of the coin of life. I just don’t believe this war translates to the battle between God and the devil. I find that total bullshit.

For someone who is supposed to be weaker than the almighty God, the devil is pretty much ahead in the game of numbers. So what do Christians mean when they say God is a winner? The people who worship him pretty much just want the goodies of heaven and eternal life and fear the devil more than they do God.

Quick experiment – tell a Christian that God will punish them for stealing and they’ll just get down on their knees, bat their eyelashes and ask for forgiveness. And just like that, they don’t believe they’d get punished for causing pain to another.

Tell them though that the devil is in the house and about to cause havoc and you’ll see how many bibles, rosaries, holy water e.t.c will be gathered against the devil.

For some reason God here is like a cuddly old man who loves you to bits and he only needs a kiss on his white beard to get him not to slash your weekly allowances. The devil on the other hand is that boss who will definitely fire your ass cuz you messed up at work.

Many Christians don’t fear God- they stay Christians for fear of hell fire.

Take the devil and hell out of Christianity and see how many Christians will still give their treasured  belongings to charity.



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