Christianity preaches two ways to the afterlife- either heaven or hell. Preachers of Christianity assume that all Christians will want to avoid hell fire in favor of an eternal life drinking milk and honey. But what if I am a masochist and hell would be absolute heaven for my sexual needs?

Or what if I don’t want eternal life?

Someone might ask “How can you not want eternal life?!” I just don’t. True I have hated life in the past- still do sometimes- but even if my life were to be the perfect picture of things I want, I still wouldn’t want to live forever. Not with people I love, not with comprehension of all knowledge of the universe, not with happiness and peace. I don’t want forever. What does Christianity ultimately have to offer for people like me?

Frankly, nothing.

Why would I board a plane that’s headed for the Bermuda triangle? Do I want to go disappear into thin air? No.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to find out if there is another place beyond the triangle? Yes it would be : for someone who wants to finds such things exciting. Me? I am totally mesmerized by this earth and the universe I already see.

So don’t preach heaven to me and think I’ll drool with desire.

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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