April 3, 2016

I love you
I do
It’s very simple
I. Love. You.

And once upon a time
That love was a tree
With branches and leaves
And flowers of loyalty

We cut it down
To burn fires to warm
Our cold cold selves

You shall be glad to learn
My love still remains
It survived the flames
When it flew away

And no I shan’t presently
Leave all else for you
Follow where you lead
Charge next to you
On that battlefield
Where you fight your demons

I shall not

My love remains just that
And love I find, can exist
In the absence of all other feeling

This is mine now
Attach no chains or strings
My love is not a bird in need of wings
My love is a feather

# LettersToMyPlacenta

Featured image :

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura


  • tomrains April 17, 2016

    I love this. The idea of loving someone but not throwing yourself on a hot fire for them is so interesting. Very nice.

    • hellenmasido April 17, 2016

      Thanks Tom😊😊 I think we attach chains to love then get disappointed, by putting it in a box all too often.

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