April 25, 2016

You taught me love
Is a rose whose thorns
Were petrified into the glassy stone
Of a rare rare gem

You said to hold it fast
Hold it tight in the cradle of my palm
That it may pierce the delicate insides it touches
But a ready spear it will be
For when the world attacks

You lied

I know now
That love is fluid
A warm spring when the world is freezing
And cooling ice when the sun burns too close
Love is a ball of star dust
Hurtling down to scar earth
And too, a cat’s gentle tongue
Upon its fur

I refuse

Love is not a wooden cross
One drives in nine inch nails
To hang the objects of their affection
So that there, they may stay
To be revered and better worshipped

I refuse

And for that
I understand now
Why I choose aching empty spaces
Above rings of gold
Tightened around my fingers

You were my first
And you were a knife


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Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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