August 18, 2016

I will never forgive you

I once told myself

Knowing what I do now

I know someday I will


Were you not the one

Who taught me first hand

To be different

To stand for my values

 And stand tall

Even if I stood alone


You carved out of me

A monument of pure steel

So acutely hardened

Not even you

Could tear it down


How then can I not forgive you?


You loved me once

So fiercely, flaws and all

I could never unlove myself

And I have tried


How can I not forgive you?


Tearing off all layers

And seeing your vulnerable core

Towering above you

As I do now

Knowing I would be justified

To deal even one blow

I find no more taste

In your suffering


Whipping your own back

Each dawning day

For sins signed in your blood

By the same hand that drew it

You have punished yourself

Well enough


And I have a shore to wash up to

Breathing lungfuls of sweet sweet air

No longer drowning

In my ocean of pain


Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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