February 15, 2016

What is it you truly see
Each time you look at him?

The future you wished
That will never come to pass
Or longingly, the teen he was
Before he started smoking

Do you see in him
The man who walked away
Found another
And had the guts to crawl right back

What is it you truly see?

Do you not recall the boy

The boy that carried half your baggage
One rainy night
Selling tomatoes in Taveta

Do you not see him?

The boy that for years carried me
High on his shoulders
Made me scream in childish glee
So I would never cry
For a mother absent
Or ever yearn
For the father I never remembered I had

I see him clearly

The man that, were he homeless
Would make me a bed of blankets
While he slept the night away
With his back against a hard place

I see him

In that same man
That makes your heart go sour
I see this gem

How do you not see him too?



Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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