April 7, 2018

I understand what you were taught. Clothed or not you were taught a woman’s body is for fucking, a vessel for seeding; for birthing a generation to carry your name into immortality.

A woman is for serving.

Her naked body a delicacy on your silver platter, your male highness.

It baffles you, does it not? A woman naked and not touching herself for you. Not seeking to please you and in fact not even looking at you!  A woman just being, in her most natural form. Just. Being.

What could it all mean? You ask, mortified!

When it finally hits you, you smugly smile. “The little tease!” You say of her- the woman baring her thighs, bare arms, and neck. Those breasts! Even lost in a world of her own, mulling over things that keep her wakeful, how could it all not be for you?

If not you, then surely for who is she undressed?

For herself? How absurd!


Photography by Kennedy Gitau

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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