BUSH TO BEACH – a very short travelogue

March 3, 2019

I do not know how to drive a car, yet.  After this trip however, it is on the list of things I must learn this year. Self driving on a road trip, in and out of parks and on mostly great out of town roads was freaking amazing and I would like to travel more like that especially for camping. AirBnB of course comes in super handy after a bush experience but being out in the wild, and seeing scavenging hyenas close up, and hearing buffaloes outside your tent fills one with a fear that is more exhilarating than crippling.

I would consider rooftop camping more readily though than ground camping because while I like to be exhilarated, I like to sleep soundly, not imagining animal claws tearing at my camping tent while I sleep.

Places covered in this album include:

Ngorongoro Conservation Area–  this place made me think of my mum (a Geography teacher) and how she’d probably go nuts if she saw the place. Catching a part of the wildebeest migration was high priority and being that it was calving season, I’d say we hacked it! The place is rife with a great many wild and domestic animals being that communities of Masai live within the area (not the Ngorongoro Crater itself though).


 Lumo Community Wildlife Conservancy– This place is right in Taita Taveta county which is my native home and I had no freaking idea it existed! How sad is that?! Lion’s Bluff is a famous place to stay at, and the views from up there (yes it is a super rocky drive up) are absolutely amazing, but…BUUUUUUT… there is Cheetah Campsite which is where we camped and the sunsets are to die for! It sucks though that from the main gate below, one has to drive all the way up to Lion’s Bluff to pay for camping and then drive downwards again to whichever camp you choose (There’s two- Leopard Camp (meh) and the Cheetah one). Probably a way of tempting people to just stay there. But not us somewhat broke travelers hell bent on getting equally amazing views and experiences on a much lower budget!


Warandale Cottages– The ferry ride across to Diani is never pleasant but Diani itself is by all means a worthy place to visit and stay at. Got the listing at AirBnB and for the whole house, the place was a freaking steal! I hope to visit again with friends. The cook and housekeeper at the Enricco House were super friendly and amazing! The decor is on point and of course Swahili beds are my undoing!

The cook connected us to fishermen who we accompanied one morning on their dhow to fish! Caught a couple of fish that later made dinner and in turn I fed the sea my breakfast. I thought I’d never experience sea sickness and it’s terrible especially when you just want to enjoy a new fishing experience. The fishermen however told me it’s totally normal the first few times at sea and I learnt looking at the horizon helps abate it. I hope to go fishing on a dhow again and  again until the sea does not demand the contents of my stomach. Also, the fishermen’s navigation skills were impressive! Reminded me fondly about One Piece!

And now the photos!

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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