Now there’s a biblical book that makes me super angry at God.

For some reason the account sounds like something out of Greek Mythology. Zeus throws a party and all bigwigs attend. The devil is some cool guy who’s just been out and about and God is this show off who can’t wait to tell the devil all about this one man, Job. I don’t think the devil is impressed much cuz God pushes on and bets with the devil.

What unfolds is Job suffering, losing his kids and wealth and being shunned by a society that thinks God is just. In the end, Job is healed and gets more wealth and gets other children and lives happily ever after!

I have several problems with this text :

1-      God is painted as a megalomaniac egocentric being who would stoop so low as to make a bet with the devil at the expense of a human who serves and loves him. If the devil is so lowly, why the heck would an all powerful God care what the devil thought of him?

2-      The picture of God as a powerful being who allows shit to happen cuz there is a sort of rat race in heaven and people are betting on who will be the last man standing. Just goes to show you how much of guinea pigs we are according to the bible.

3-      Job losing his children and getting others- it’s like a parent forgets a dead child after getting the next- this is so not true of any loving parent! Getting ten more kids does not justify the pain of losing two that you had earlier. The book of Job really downplays grief and human connections of love.

It’s another reason I get really angry when watching exorcist movies and the some Christian comes around proclaiming that “You see! If you believe in God, he will save you from the devil.”

Wake up call- when God makes a deal with the devil, he doesn’t give a shit for what pain you’re feeling- the devil can have his way and when he decides it so, God will swoop back and give you more children to forget your dead ones.

And if you’re one of those that do not get over it, your bitterness will eat you up and you will go to hell for hating what God does.