I saw him read the bible


I was shocked

For real

Why does he read it?

So he can learn

The Ten Commandments

And draw up a plan

To break them all?



It’s not funny

Someone tells me

It’s funny to me



He’s changed

They say

He’s not the same


I laugh and roll my eyes


How come everyone believes him?

How can you rub away

Every wrong thing he’s done

Just cuz nowadays

He reads the….


The bible?

\he’s changed

They say

People change!


I know people change

I am cynic

But I know people change

And become better

And leave the wrongs

They used to commit

Against others

And make peace with those others

And with their God



He only made peace

With his Lord

If at all


What of his other sins

The ones he committed

Against his kin

Are we to look

At the bible on his lap

Look the other way\

And start licking the wounds

He never bothers

To help heal?


He may have repented

To his lord

He hasn’t to his kin

Just cuz he sits

With a bible on his lap

Are we to forgive him?



He has not wronged me

At least not directly

And much as his sins

Are not really mine

To forgive

It stops here



The dysfunctional nature we have

From a past generation

Cuz everyone wants

To look the other way

Instead of fight

And call each other names

And in the end

Cry and embrace

Because we are family

And we forgive

Not only because we love each other

But also because

The other person

Loves us enough

To bend their pride

And ask for forgiveness



He feels too mighty

To ask for forgiveness

As so he reads his bible

And hopes we read between the lines

Because he is the source of us

And will bend his pride

For no one

He is still the same man


When everyone believes

The bible on his lap

I see the man

Who holds it


An evil man

Who thinks he can do as he pleases

And have his sins wiped off

Just cuz he brought forth

The generation he has sinned against

Time and again

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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