March 7, 2013

I only love you like that
When I want to fuck you

Other times
I love you gently
Truly, purely
The way I should

You say you want it this way
That it doesn’t matter
How my heart wants you now
Then spurns you

But I cannot
I cannot love you
Like that

I love you truly
That’s for sure
But I cannot love you
For just a fuck
Then forget about you
Till next time we bed

And so if you aren’t mine
I want you no more
And even when I do
I’ll not tell you so

I shall take you no more
And tempt you no more

There is a side of us
I know
That will never change-
How much we love
Each other

And we lust too
After each other
It was bound to happen

We cannot control
What we feel for each other
But we can choose what to do
With those feelings

We will not fuck

Not because it will change us
Or make us forget
This love that we have


I will not love you
Like that
Because you’re not mine
For the taking


Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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