Journal from sometime in 2010- Living in Chumani

We’ve got this young goat- a stupid but sweet kid- we love cuddling and carrying around. Anyway, I am not carrying it around anytime soon because…well you will know why later on.

So, it was one of those boring Chumani afternoons when the kid’s stubborn mother bleated her loud S.O.S. sensing something must be amiss to make her bleat like that, I hurried  outside I found out that her kid was nowhere to be seen.  After listening for it, I heard it bleat from the shrubs near the latrines. Sighing in relief, I made my way there.


I went round the latrines about two or three times before stopping and the fearing the worst.  I stood silent and stared at one of the open latrine doors thinking “No! Hell no!”

Approaching it like stranger, I listened more closely and there it was, loud and clear! The stupid goat had dropped into the pit latrine! It was in shit! Literally!

I could just imagine the sweet thing swimming in shit and I felt like crying.

Sounding an alarm to my brother and mother, we set about trying to get the kid out. Mum went so berserk she set some shrubs on fire for no apparent reason. I felt like laughing but not just yet.

A few other workers from my mom’s school came to  our aid. They  dug thorugh the toulet floor, made the hole bigger and put my brother  on ropes helping  him down and up the latrine when he went to take the distressed kid. ( He did not do fire and rescue for nothing huh?)

The kid was a lucky thing. The latrine had not been in use for a long time so the little shit that was there was somewhat dried and did not even get past his hooves- as I later learnt after my brother came up with  it.

The kid was smelling baaaaaaad! Nevertheless, I was so happy I held it to me( hysterical and shitty) until my brother berated me and snatched it from me. I noticed some shit on me (I cringe to think about it now) but for once, shit wasn’t so bad! We had our kid back!

We washed and scrubbed it with sweet smelling shampoo and disinfected it. The result?

The mother refused to acknowledge it as her baby. Not because it smelt too good to be a goat but cuz he still smelt like shit.

Some time went by and she worked around the foul smell I guess.  They reunited.

The kid is still making small, scared bleating sounds and I am so happy he is alive!

That does not in any way mean am cuddling it again. Ever!

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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