May 8, 2013

(because the children are usually forgotten)

He slapped her sometimes
When they were courting
He apologized each time
Dates, chocolates
Teary, on his knees

She came home one day
Way past midnight
With scars of past fights
And a new black eye

He came searching for her
I refused to let him in
My friends said
Let him be
She wants to see him!

She went with him

And came back
Again and again and again
A torn lip
A broken arm
Again and again and again

One day, crying
We formed a circle
Girlfriends for their girl
But I was done!

When she asked the question
She always asked
“What will I do now?”

I told her
“Same as you always do,
Go back to him
Till the day he kills you”

They called me insensitive
Selfish even
And when I cut ties
Burnt all my bridges to her
They called me Judas

Because good friends
Support their weak ones
When they make foolish decisions
And good friends must not judge
Or call those actions stupid
Even when they are

To them
A good friend must still hug you
Even when you strap yourself
With a dynamite vest and grenades

And so I choose to play Judas

I would rather be insensitive
To a friend
Than hear another five kids dead
Hacked to death by their father
Because the mom was too weak
To walk away

What do you think
Of wives and children
Murdered by their daddy
In a foolish fit of rage?

You think it happened
In just one day?

We have it coming
Truth be told
We have it coming all along!
One day he beats you
The next he breaks your son’s rib
And you still blatantly lie
That your kid fell
Down the stairs?

We have it coming all along
And have no one to blame
But ourselves

Then we want to play the victim
and say “He hit me!
But I have to stay..
I have to stay for the kids”

Whom he hits short of killing ?
Woman up Woman!
And protect what’s yours!

I will be that Judas
And tell you
You cannot come back here
If he hits you

You cannot come back here
Ever again

If you need to flee
I shall go with you
If you take the kids
I will be their aunt
And treat them as my own

click to join the campaign against domestic violence in Kenya

And struggle with you
To give them a good life

I will be that kind of friend

If you need a sanctuary
For a week or so
Before you make up your mind
About going back to him

If you shan’t protect
Your own kids
From that mad man
Whom you must have
Like a sniff of cocaine-

You cannot stay here

I shall be the one
To call the cops
And have your children
Taken away from you

I refuse to be the aunt
Who cries
At my nieces’ funerals
Because my friend could not
Say “no more”
To her man



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