A little Fashion and A little Feeling

December 21, 2014

There is a tiny glimmer of hope after all! A glimmer yes – and I may feel indifferent yet again tomorrow- but at the moment, I am pumped up after looking through a fashion/style app (called LOOKBOOK) that I recently downloaded on my phone. Seeing people dressed up in beautiful/weird things that match their personality kind of gets me all revved up! And I am not talking about the big names like Vogue or Elle or Kenya’s own Kikoromeo. I am talking personal style. I’ve realized that I love people who blog about their fashion sense and clothes and would follow such bloggers sooner than I would the fashion bigwigs.

Either way, I feel much much better checking out the fabulous looks and dropping a compliment to the various lookers. I am glad that I actually like things; which is a great step from scrolling through pages and pages of photos and not feeling inspired much. Inspired- that’s the word! These self-proclaimed fashionistas have inspired me. And no, I am not about to begin a fashion blog; I however plan to keep fashion magazines and books and apps to look through when I am in one of my lows.

I never could be impartial to eccentric or good style after all.


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