July 8, 2013

Fuckness! The Muslim stunt didn’t work.

Editing my stuff and telling them to preach away, I sat half listening and punching away at the laptop. (My patience with these people is waning) My roommate made a safe exit after she was the one who invited the preachers!

So my name is Salma by the way :-D.  And unabated at me being busy, they kept at their preaching. At least this time they didn’t ask whether I am saved. They chose a verse saying something to the effect that if you don’t believe in Jesus, then you are already condemned. Told ’em that I had no problem with Jesus, it’s the bible I got issues with- and that was one of the reasons I converted.

Then they asked in Islam whether I have found the salvation I wanted and how do I view judgment day. Told them I don’t know but that I believe God is merciful and gracious. Then they said something about grace and mercy to a certain limited extent if you are an unbeliever-and that’s when they had my attention.

I ask them: Really?! You want to say that God’s mercy is limited?

And they are like yeah.

Am like, who said that?!

They say God did.

I ask where

“In the bible.”

I tell him God didn’t write the Bible.

He says some stuff about inspiration bla bla bla but I can see he’s gotten my point and I am glad.

Then he goes on to insist how you must believe and that the only way into God’s good books is through believing in Jesus. So in other words, all atheists, and Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc who respect humanity and don’t believe in Jesus are all condemned.

Are you fucking kidding me?! Wait; there are Christians that actually believe that?!

Anyway, they preached away, and I asked them questions and they prayed- after asking politely whether I could join them in prayer, “Salma”. My other roommate laughed. So they prayed and thanked me profusely for even talking to them cuz they get hostile people and bla bla bla.(I kind of liked them- a little) just had to tell them that they shouldn’t expect other people to accept what they preach just cuz “salvation” works for them.

Need to look for something better to keep them away. So now I am collecting outrageous dogmas to feed to them when they come feed me some of theirs! Am almost looking forward to their visits > 🙂

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