June 29, 2013

In my hands, I hold my future ; who I want to become, what I want to do with my life- I am the single driving force. People may give ma advice on what career is best for me ,what I should do to get there and how soon I should get there but at the end of the day, it is I who will write that application letter, or screenplay, or stage play, or craft a design.

I don’t want to work for someone and have to delay things that I want. Neither do I want to work at a job I hate so I can save and finally do what I really want. I want what I want now!

The thought of 8-5 has never appealed to me. Some people say that working from home is not for me cuz I am a restless person but truth be told, that is exactly what I want: To stay at home, and work, go out and do this and that. I was never good at doing any one single thing for long. Therefore I know beyond all doubt, that I will not survive an 8-5 routine.

Being in 3rd year, many other students seek attachment with companies. It’s a good idea I don’t dispute, but if I go that way, what really do I stand to gain that will help me in my quest to never be employed and tied down to a particular routine? With film making, the best experience to gain is to tag along on film productions and understand how the film process is. At least I can do that! Alternatively, I can work for a media company editing their clips and stuff when all I want is to edit my own clips.

I do not want to work for someone.

And so before it’s too late, and before I listen to “common sense” advice telling me to look for an attachment in the coming five months, I write this to remind myself that “common sense” will not really get me adventure and self employment. It gets people a safe salary, a set routine and an ever impending doom of being “let go”.

I do want a safe salary but not at the expense of my freedom to do what I love most.

And because I do know there are many ways of making a living out of things I truly love, I seek those things now and gather the necessary skills. Rather than wait for an acceptance to an internship, I’d rather freelance here and there, learn this and that, and gain all the skills I need to get me self employed.

Besides, if there is a rule that I have to hate my job, I may as well try and fail at the things I want before I try my hand at 8-5.

I wont fall without a fight. *beats chest like a gorilla*


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