November 12, 2013

People like to think
The devil, vilest of creatures
That lives

But no
The human is

Is there a will
As strong as a theirs
Is there a being
That creates whole worlds
And takes them apart
With just one thought?

The most dangerous creature
That ever lived
Is not the devil
It’s the humans

Their desires
Needs and whims
Know no end

And woe unto you
If you threaten a human’s
Peace of mind

When they fear one spider
They’ll squash the entire species
If it’s a creepy bug
That makes their skins crawl
They’ll seek the fastest means
To annihilate whole populations

And when they are done
Exterminating all animals
Tagged “dangerous”
They will turn on the earth
That sends tsunamis on them
And kill it whole

And when they’ve destroyed
What once was their home
With their smart brains
They will seek another

They’ll travel to Mars
And at rumors of aliens
Bomb the whole planet
Just to be sure

And when they discover
The infinite universe
That moves at its own wish
They’ll take a shot
At colonizing all suns
Just to enslave the planets
To their will

Human cravings know no end

When they have it all
Food, wealth and peace
To feed their bodies, egos and minds
They’ll need to feed
Their endless curiosities

The human will poke at anything
Test anything
Try it all
Just to get an Aha! Moment


Stretch the lithe cat
To see
How far it can extend
Before it tears apart

And woe unto the robot
If it shows signs of emotion

If the deepest holes of hell
Are saved for the vilest
Of the human race
The devil has it coming for him

For when the human has killed all there is
And conquered all
On earth and the physical universe
He’ll go meta and visit hell
Just to take a shot at the devil

And the devil who cares
For having a million followers
Is he match for a human
Who cares for nothing
Other than to kill all else
And remain the only living being?

If you think the devil is thrilled
At having to receive
The most heinous of humans
Think again

The devil is not the foulest of creatures
That lives

The human is



Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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