April 15, 2015

I have been crafting non-stop for the past two weeks. ‘Mornings are for crafting’ is the mantra I am living by at the moment- and I didn’t even have to make time for it; it kind of just fell effortlessly into my schedule. Mornings are for crafting, afternoons for films, evenings for yoga and nights for writing. And it works pretty fucking perfectly.

I had a bit of a low day yesterday and it carried on till today afternoon- and it was taking me out of my crafting mojo but I’m back on track right now. Been stalking fellow crafters on Instagram and it’s been inspiring and encouraging to go through some of those accounts and seeing what other beautiful things people are creating.

Speaking of which, a week ago I met this designer called Kainyu with whom we decided, “Fuck cash; let’s swap”. She wanted two of these anklets I had made and seeing as I had my eye on her amazing phone covers, it was a done deal. Here are the phone covers she made for me.Pretty cool huh?

the phone coversNow I walk around town feeling like an uber-designer and basking in the glow of someone thinking I made the covers too. No I didn’t- she did 🙂 . Her FB page is Hands of Kai– do drop by and have a look at her amazing stuff.

I’ll be launching my own FB page in about a month. Planning a portfolio photo-shoot of sorts before displaying my stuff to the FB audience because in my mind I’ve seen these images that I’m dying to bring to life. I’m super excited for the photo-shoot because well I really love photography and can’t wait to finish making the things I have in mind in the next two weeks before campus begins.

Other than that, I am very with this happy place crafting has put me in. I wake up looking forward to the day, and I speak frustrated to myself when a design isn’t working, and I make my sister mad with the threads I forget to sweep- but all is very well. I am in a happy place being crafty each day 😀






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