July 22, 2013

Its been raining

For a whole month
The sea has been
Bleak and stormy
Even the sun hides from it
Behind the clouds


It rained again
Two days ago
I got chilly
And  let the ocean
Wash over me
In mu numbness

I didn’t drown

Just ended up floating
And coughing alot
Of  water
And the salt in my lungs
Stung badly

Even the sea doesn’t want me!



Yesterday there were dolphins!
A whole pack of them!
And there’s a young pretty one
Came to swim and play with me

And the sun came out
To witness

But they went away
And left with the sun

There are no dolphins
No sun
But no storm either

Its calm

Its like the whole universe
What I will do next

But I  know this game
I shan’t search
Only to realize
It was all in vain

I cant stand
Another let down

I am weary
So I float
I don’t swim
Or go anywhere
I just float

The sea ain’t drowning me
Not even attempting to

I will myself to sink
But I don’t

Every time I go under
Without taking a breath
I think of the dolphins
And how so very badly
I want to see them

So I get my head out
And look around for them
In case they went by

They are nowhere to be seen

I know they are there
And because they were
So very beautiful
I really do want
To see them again
Before I go under

So I float

I don’t want to see
The vast expanse of the sea
Or ponder  its eternity
And how small I must look
In its immensity

So I float
On my back
Looking up at the clouds

Molding them in my mind
Into all beautiful things
I can still recall
The smooth bodies of dolphins
And the vibrant yellow
Zebra fish
I saw
A month ago

I don’t know how long
I will keep at this
But as long as I keep remembering
How pretty they swam
And dazzling a spectacle they made
I will stay afloat
To await their coming

That’s one reason
To stay afloat

Its just one
But its still a reason


Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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