March 1, 2014

I saw a few guys from our department making films yesterday and it struck me how much I truly miss that! If I am not shouting about awesome films people are making, writing for films and making them  is something I plan to do in the long haul. So, once again, I am deciding against an “official” attachment period.

The problem with film is that most attachments or internships are for camera work, editing, lighting etc. I am yet to find and internship where I will be allowed to write for a film/series- and even if I am to get one, they would want to see my past scripts, right? Seems like if you want to write or direct for film, you just have to do it yourself- not under someone, not under a film production company. Just YOU then move from there! So I am breaking my film making spell (The one I got into when I made my last crappy film? Yea that one *cringing inside*).

I want to write screenplays and make movies these coming five months. It could be one movie, it could be ten but through hell and high water I will make a film!

My fourth year is just about and while I still want to learn a few more things I realize that for interests I mean to delve deep into, e.g. Fashion and design, I will have to wait for a while. I think I need to use what I have learnt so far instead of learning more and more and never using much of it.

I might volunteer my time at a publishing company since I’d like to go that way too, but it will still be on part time basis. I am more productive on a freelance basis so I will be juggling different projects( not too many) while making films and attending screenings and that all that networking shit.


P.S.- I am currently writing a feature length screenplay which I will put online; in case its good enough and someone wants to plagiarize it, they can do it in my face and not behind my back because there are such fuckers in campus. Plus there are guys who’d like to make films but have no scripts, and I like writing scripts – some of which I will never direct. So, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for someone to use my idea to make a film right? (You can adapt or whatever) Will share the link to my scripts when I post them.


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