October 1, 2013

They found him dead
Among the flowers
I’m told

I know which ones
I grew them

How he died
I have no idea
And it breaks me that
It might have been painful

Because people there
Don’t care much for cats
They’re evil spirits
They say

But a few do

I left him to such
Two girls and their mom
They loved to play with him

And I know they loved him

But I can’t help feel guilty
Having abandoned him

We were moving
And emotions were high
And getting everything aboard
Was more paramount
Than a cat too distrustful
To hop along

And he scurried away
To hide
When I tried to get him on board too

We couldn’t wait
We had to leave

And he died
And I wasn’t there

I abandoned a pet
Who made life at home
When I was alone
And wounded
Like he had been
When he came to me

And I cried
Cuz in truth
He wasn’t just practical
To have around
To catch rats and such

He wasn’t just a cat
To be fed and petted
And spoilt

He was my friend.

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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