October 1, 2013

Like a house
Given to me unbidden
To be taken
Without notice,
My life is for rent

And this house may not be mine
But I will create things in it
To call my own

While I’m on rent herein
I will decorate
And furnish
And strip these drab walls
To paint them
With what colors I wish

Passionate reds
Sunny yellows
A little sea blue
Or sandy white

And when it burns
Everything charred
To nothingness
It will still smell
Of those paints
I myself smeared upon its walls

And there will be ashes
Of all the things
I myself put therein

And behind those ashes
Will be memories and stories
To call my own

Much beauty
And warm moments

And radiance
And toe-curling happiness

Those are mine
For keeps

And this house
Given to me unbidden
To be taken
Without notice
May not be my own

But while herein I dwell
I‘ll create what memories I will

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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