November 21, 2013

I should be more forgiving
I really should
Forget that you bit me yesterday
And wonder at the scar on my arm

But I can’t


I don’t know how to unsee
Actions done in contempt
Nor to unhear
Words spoken in malice


I don’t know how to be seduced
By the devil’s scarlet lips
When I know beneath
Fangs of venom exist


I don’t know how to applaud
Plastic splendor


Skin deep beauty
Loses its flair
When underneath
It’s pure rot


Like you


And I can laugh with you no more
‘Least not with tears
In my eyes
Like I used to


It dulls my insides
That you’re just one of many decoys
I have seen in my time


And I would spurn you
If I could
But it seems
You’re one who cannot be disposed of


So let’s play your game:


I honestly
You covertly;


Let’s play pretend


Here on
I will learn to endure you
Purse my lips to your stench
And take what silver you offer
Truthfully or otherwise


I will use your vices for my gains


And no
I am not indebted to you
Nor can we ever be friends


I do not dance to the tunes
Of sirens


As long as you are useful
To my own ends
I will learn to tolerate you
Like a buzzing bee
That refuses to fly away


And eventually
Like a bunch of plastic roses
To be swapped
For a bouquet of genuine live ones



Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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