Encounter With an Asshole

May 16, 2013

Have you ever encountered situations that shocked you so much you can only laugh in awe? Encountering an asshole is one thing that gets me every single time! Asshole in this case is a man( a woman asshole is a bitch)  I am always shocked that such a breed of men still exists!


Its raining and the tanks outside are empty. So the asshole put a tank under the rain barrel but the rain’s falling on the side of the tank cuz he put it wrongly. Asshole is all dressed up so he can’t go in the rain to correct his blunder. So he calls me to do the necessary. I go and move it, No biggie( at this moment I ain’t shocked yet).

So after moving it, I go to my room and do my stuff.

Fast forward to 3 minutes later. He knocks on my door and tells me the tank is full and there are others which are empty. I am like “SO?!”

He’s like “Come move the full tank and put another one on.” I laugh! I am so mortified I actually laugh and go outside to look at the full tank. I am petite- and it’s not that I am not strong or anything, but there are things I cannot move. Not alone! Sp I stand there- a shocked stupid smile on my face and I am thinking:

This big man all dressed up and perfumed in some expensive smelling shit is telling me to go move that tank alone. He ain’t asking me to help him move it. He ain’t offering to help me move it. He’s asking me to take a broken umbrella, go out in the pouring rain to move a tank full of water as he watches through the window.

It takes a few minutes to sink in.

So I call my sister who is shocked and super pissed at the asshole- and we go out and fill all 6 tanks and 3 buckets and we have lots of water in the house now! Hurray!

The asshole sits in the living room, now cozied up in socks and punching away at his fat phone and I still can’t believe what a huge asshole he is.

I pity whichever woman bore him, is sister to him or who loves him cuz he’s the kind that will slave a woman cuz to him, women breath and live for the good of men.

I am still shocked and I have changed my whole picture of him. I don’t have these types in my life- I cut them off soon as they appear. The worse thing about encountering this asshole, is that he’s a relative of a close friend. Nkt! The things we deal with for the people we love!

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