Not Dura, but Alaminadura

October 1, 2020

An extraordinary thing happened a few days ago! I see now that it had been in motion since way before but was then triggered by an email from The LAM Sisterhood, inviting me to listen to their pilot episode of The Brazen Podcast. The subject of said podcast was  Bi Kidude, who I knew was a renowned singer with a huge personality, but did not really understand why she was so big a deal, or what songs she sung that made her so.

With regards to this, The LAM Sisterhood thankfully attached a link to a playlist and alas! The first was a song called Alaminadura! And I was absolutely stunned!

I first heard that song at a live performance during the Zanzibar International Film Festival (2017) and actually still had the unedited footage of it in a folder, on my drive! I had named it Dura!

Not only that, but in the same LAM playlist is this song originally sung by Siti Binti Saad.



This song too, or more accurately a remix of it, I had heard for the first time while in Zanzibar! The instrumentals are very signature and I remember it was sung by a man who played the violin as well. Of this too, I had footage I had not looked at for over a year!

And how tingly I was to revisit the videos I took! I was so excited I edited the first cut of Alaminadura that very night and then of another song the very next day; and by and by, I could not wait to look upon the next video and the next.

Back in 2017, weeks after the trip, I had mourned to myself about how I had simply pressed record at anything and everything that interested me, and how the footage was all jumbled up and had no thread to weave a story with. So that even after I arranged it all in a coherent manner, it was more attractive to let it sit in the drive.

3 years has been a long time to just hold on to footage, but I guess the time was to come after all, and this is it. And it feels mighty right too because I am no longer petty about the majorly shaky footage; it simply makes me happy to look again through my own eyes, at the places I had been in, and listen to the sounds and music I had listened to then!

I am thankful now that even though I didn’t know then, what I would do with the footage, I had still pressed record at everything I found interesting. Even more so, that I went the extra mile and recorded sound separately! The sound is the thread and the music will tell the story!

And because I am not chickening out on this one, I finished editing this first video below, as it came to me. Enough of waiting for perfect anythings!

Do enjoy the sights of beautiful Zanzibar and especially, the music!


P.S- I am not sure what group this was that held the live performances at Forodhani Gardens, but I shall update as I go through the records I kept of the festival schedule etc.



Made of Sand
To The Future, I Guess

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