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June 14, 2019

-Written sometime in April 2019-

By the time I’d gotten to page 40 of the script, I had given in to temptation and gone back to do a little editing. I told myself when I continued that I won’t go back to prune again. That I’ll stick as close as possible to the treatment of course, but I’ll write the script as though I were free writing. There are whole scenes I’ll probably go back to cut and characters I’ve already killed but I am forging on and it’s working out quite well actually!


Where I averaged 3 pages daily in the first two weeks I started, I’m now averaging 8! I’m currently at page 80 though to be honest, the story truly begins at page 60. Which means there’ll be a shit ton of pruning once I am done- something I do not want to think about at this moment.


I didn’t think this would work; setting myself a writing routine and in the morning of all times!


On day 1, I was up at 8.30 and at the writing desk at 10 am. I stopped at 1 pm and it has been that way since 3 weeks ago ( being at the writing desk I mean.)

Sometimes I don’t sleep too well and I need to be up at around 9.30 then sprint through showering and breakfast and all the procrastinating rituals I am come up with.


Strange but the routine is actually helping. Because I constantly dread sitting at the writing table, and tonight for example, I am not looking forward to writing, but I know at 10 am tomorrow, I will be staring at the script and consulting the treatment and I will write whatever till 1 pm. Nowadays it stretches to 2 pm and then I truly have to stop.


I guess it helps because I also banned myself from looking at the script/ treatment for the rest of the day, that is till the next time I am actually writing. And I have to say, I have been very lucky for the story to come as it does. It’s not that it simply flows out but that it flows out at all makes me feel super lucky.


So lucky I have been avoiding expending my creative juices on other projects. The closest I have come to crafting has been stitching the finishings on a few blankies I plan to paint once this draft of the script is over.

I have been avoiding writing especially. I started drawing and painting with my niece’s colored pencils and it feels really good doing it! I think I’ll actually print out a ton of adult coloring drawings to keep at it.


I hope I carry on with this writing streak for the script. I know editing will be a pain but I will have completed a full draft. And I am looking forward to celebrating that milestone!


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