To The Future, I Guess

September 24, 2020

I have wanted to write things for quite a while now but I wasn’t sure how. And because it nagged and frustrated me in the middle of a pandemic while trying to earn a freaking living doing only what I like, and staying not just sane, but happy and peaceful, I said fuck it! Fuck writing, and maybe it was time to express myself more in other ways.

And I indeed managed and still immensely enjoy those other forms of expression- majorly drawing, painting and coloring ; the latter being something I picked up from my niece who simply draws and colors as she wills, fuck perspective.

Yet the thought though dull has kept nagging; you need to write something especially of how these days have been or currently are. 2020 after all continues to be…interesting. And I so much love re-reading journals I wrote from years ago, in my books and on this site! So why not leave something akin to letters, so my future selves too can re-read and clearly remember a time that continues to alter me so much?

And there is so much to tell then! So much so, the excitement of it got me out of bed to plug in this slow machine, to free-write all this.

Here you sit, topless, your brown sweater only covering the healing tattoo on your left arm. It is quiet save for the constant chirping crickets and a neighbor in one of the floors playing loud trap music. Bobby isn’t around and Sakura is being Sakura. Okey now a baby just burst out crying. 

Even though it’s much later than you usually sleep nowadays, you know you won’t struggle with sleep. You haven’t been, for quite a while.


And it is done! I already have an idea of what I will write tomorrow or the day after! It probably will be plenty weird but fun just like when I colored a shark gold, an octopus green and a turtle blue in the book I left my niece and nephew.


Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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