October 2, 2013

To travel
Is to see the many shades
Of life’s faces

The beauty
The ugly
The cruel

Black/white extremes
And middle shades
Of grayness

The balance
And eventual oneness
Of the three-sided scales
And learning what part
Each side plays

Like staring though
A Kaleidoscope

It is to watch chaos
In the many colors
Swirling in confusion
Then eventually unify
In intricate harmony

And like a child
Who has starred through
A swiveling kaleidoscope
Many many times before
So the traveler knows
How the story ends

That reds together
Are too severe
And yellows and blues
Make vibrant green hues

And at times
Just a little extra push
On the swivel
Make the colors fit
Even better together

Kutembea kwingi ni kuona mengi
And to see much
Is to know much

And knowledge in whatever form
Is wisdom of sorts

*kutembea kwingi ni kuona mengi– Swahili saying that means – “to travel much is to see much.”

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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