December 18, 2013

Everyone who’s a little confused with life and its workings should watch the movie MR NOBODY… and get even more confused 😀  I still don’t understand it but it has some pretty interesting theories. That’s where I first heard of PIGEON SUPERSTITION which stems from experiments carried out on pigeons. DUH!

It goes like this:

After sometime in a cage, a pigeon learns to connect the hitting of the button with the opening of the food hole. And so it conditions itself that way- hit the button, food door opens for about ten seconds then closes. Hit button again and so on and so forth.

But one day, the food door opens without the pigeon hitting the button and it wonders what it did to trigger that! So if it was flapping its wings when the food door opened, the pigeon starts to believe that the flapping of its wings opened the food door.

That’s pigeon superstition according to Mr. Nobody.

Now, I liken pigeon superstition to praying. Christians believe that their god is the one true god and that other people get nothing from the gods they pray to… only, they actually do. Hindus have many gods to whom they pray and like Christians and Muslims… and basically everyone in the world- they too get stuff they ask for from their gods.  At times of course, they don’t… like everyone else.

So since the Christian god is the true god, Christians would rather say that yes, the Hindus get shit they pray to their gods for, but in real sense, it’s all from the Christian god cuz he rolls like that.

Who told you that and where is the evidence?!

We are all pigeons in our own ways. We once gambled on something and we won! And so we believe that if we kiss that ass, or work this hard, or look that fashionable, we will climb the ladder to wherever we want to get.

Like people who pray and those who don’t- each group gets shit they asked for and also what they didn’t. I don’t know what laws the universe operates on but methinks it’s just an unbiased law of nature- give you heaven one time and hell the next.

Trees are wiser than us in this sense. When nutrients are in abundance, they do all they can to store it up to survive the bad seasons when nature denies them those much needed goodies. They have understood the cycle.

Only, we think that if we flap our wings each time- the food door will automatically open and the food we get will last forever as long as we keep flapping our wings.

I have found this to be false in my case and in a bid to not take things personally, I have come to the conclusion that Nature nurtures you one time and screws you up the next whether you pray to a god or not. Only, now I am sure it’s nothing personal. One day something is loses and I benefit. The next time I lose to someone else’s benefit. Nature is not biased and that’s a comfort to me even though I have no idea when and how it will screw me over.

Likewise there are people that think nature is downright cruel and they have their reasons for thinking so!

Each person has a reason why they believe in whatever they believe in; but it is the foolish pigeon that thinks the other pigeons are starving because it cannot see their food holes or what hands feed them.

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