Can God be fooled?

Can I pray reverently
Kiss his feet
For a favor
When deep inside
I distrust him


Like a corrupt king
Who promises gold?
And wine
To those who dance
To his tune


Can God be bribed?


No I don’t trust him
Any more


I don’t think he will give me
Just because I asked him to


Only if he wants to


And I realize
I have been bribing God
All these years
Of praying
The way I was taught to


I have been bribing God



If I don’t pray
He will be nasty to me
I was taught


Like a corrupt king
Who whips anyone
That  does not abide
By his rules
So is that God


He has been nasty
All the same


When I prayed
Or begged
And bribed him
With my tears

He gave only what
He wanted to give


And I realize now
That God does not bargain


It’s his will
Or his will


And I am angry now
Every time I think of God


So much I tell myself
To think of other things
To stop these vexations


Yet when I get into a car
On a journey to somewhere
I am caught by a habitual urge
To ask for a favor-


Pray for Safety


And I am caught by this fear
That if I don’t pray
I will surely die


Then I stop and think
How many others have died
That had asked that favor
From their maker?


And I realize
It doesn’t matter
Whether I pray or not


Things will happen
Bad or good
Those I want
And those I don’t

Praying is bribing
And God does not bargain

And so I quit

I quit praying






Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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