Like The Caveman

April 3, 2013


If you had


ancient caveman painting

Say a year to live

To do in it

All you could

Would you not write?


Would you not leave behind

A mark of you

And the places you’ve been

The people you met

Would you not leave something

The world can look upon

And say


anne frank

She lived?


If you knew

The world would change

And not be as it is now

Would you not

Paint a picture

Of this one

To remind


ancient bible scrolls

Those who will come

After you

Of how life was

When you lived?


Like Anne Frank

Or Anna Akhmatova

Or scribes


anna akhmatova

Of the bible

The Koran

Or the caveman


If we got it into our heads

That we won’t live forever

And the world shall change

And the people after us

Will have questionshtyr

Only we can answer

Would we not leave a mark?


And what mark would that be?



I write

Like the caveman painted

So I write

Death Certificate Signed In Blood

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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