I have to let go
Of things I use no more

Past papers of rough drafts
Bottles of perfumes
Devoid of their scents

Pairs of shoes
I’ve grown too old for

I have to let go
Of things I use no more

Give them out
Burn them up
Clean my closet ASAP

Throw things away
That have no place to stay

And things I can’t have
Unrequited love
Unrealistic goals

The thousand and one things
In my to do lists

One bullet at a time
One task then the next
I’ve to push aside
Those that merely fill my desk

I’m clearing my dish

I think I’ll just have
A small chicken wing
Chocolate dessert
or a fruity something

And maybe
A glass of wine

These I can trust
Not to upset my digestion

I have to let go
Of necessary losses

One door closes
Another always opens

That’s how life goes



Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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