Life is not unfair
Death is
When Shylock loans you
A thousand pounds
He should at least blow the whistle
A day before he has you thrown
In jail

Death is treacherous
she is the silent neighbor
Who says nothing
Until the wife and children
Are murdered
By the violent man of the house


Death does not say
Oi! Don’t plan that long
You will have been shot
Or run over by a car
Or eaten away by the disease
You have right now
But have no idea you do

Death is a naughty kid
She watches with a wicked smile
How you plan
For your white Victorian dress
And choose the highest chocolate staircase cake
And pick that pink themed wedding
Then she spears the man
Who was to wait for you
At the end of the isle

she is the goblingoblin_head_study
That hears all your plans
And hearts desires
And forms a perfect plan
To throw yours asunder

Death should at least say
Oi! Do not bother finishing your degree
You won’t use it anyway
It instead tells you
To be irresponsible
And spontaneous

Death tells you
Not to defer your dreams
And do it all now
Yet she knows very well
That is not possible
Because of what life
Throws our way

And when you don’t fear it
When you have nothing
To look forward to
Or to lose
Death builds a castle
For her long stay by your side
As she aims poison arrows
At the people around you
And watches your heart break
Over and over again
Till you beg for her
Yet she will not come to you
Unless you give something, back

Your heart’s desires

Death is an irrha
That feeds off
Other people’s loss
When you have nothing to lose
It will have none of you


Till the day
Death liaises with life
And in comes
The one person
Who makes your hearts desires
Come alive
The person who neither you
Nor they
Can live without
Then and only then
Will death bulldoze her castle
And fly away with your soul

Death is dictatorial
The devil you must obey
When it says
Go for your dreams now or else…
You do not wait for her to finish
Take a flight ASAP

And yet
With its autocracy
When you obey death
And do as it orders you to
You find happiness
In doing things
That matter most
In the moment now

Then death blackens the moment
And takes away
Your mother
Or friend
And watches you cry
And feeds of your loss

And when other friends
Come around to grieve with you
Death comes around
As Rumpeltiltskin
It offers you new dreams
To keep you going
And keep you living
So that it can take
Other dear people
And loved pets
From you

Death is an irrha
That feeds off
People’s losses

She and life
Are not siblings
Death bore life
So that she could take it away
Again and again and again!


Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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