November 10, 2012

I want to be loved
Only truly

Love me for a day or two
Then leave
But let those past two
Be sweet and true

I want you to smile
When you see me
Kiss me whenever
Cheek, lip, ear
In front of other women
And brand you as mine

Only mine

I want no love that endures
That merely survives

I want a love that’s impulsive

Don’t take a bullet for me
Because it is the right thing
Do not

I want no love
That’s right
In the eyes of others

I want a love
That makes you stare at me
In ways forbidden
A dangerous love

I want you to want me
Every single day
To sit with you
Talk, touch, kiss

To stare at you

Even for a day or two
I want a love that true

I want no forever
No wedding rings
Nor vows
No promises that will chain you
To me

Love me
As you are
Free and unbound
Never dutifully

I want no such love

If ever there grows
A seed of doubt
A slowed palpitation
Of your heart
When you see me

A need to be away
From me
For months or so

A time you shan’t want
To stare
Into my eyes
Any longer
I beg of you
Turn away

Do not love me
Because I love you
Nor smile
Nor kiss me back
Just because I kissed you

I want no dutiful love

When the fire goes out
For you
Feel no guilt
No pity for me
Or my breaking heart

Look at me
One last time
Then turn
And walk away

I will not die
I promise

I will just cry
And break
And heal again someday

But I will be happy
That I once loved
Deep and true.

I don’t want forever
Not even a lifetime

Just a day or two
Maybe more
If heaven allows

One day at a time
Of a love that’s pure and true

No vows
No oaths
No promises for me

We don’t know how love comes
To us
Nor do we know
If it will stay

No promises
I want to be loved
Only truly

Love me all you can
Do not promise forever
Just Love me
with feelings-
Pure, fiery, all consuming

Love me because
You can’t help it.

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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