There are things people do

Words people say

Sins friends commit

That change you eternally


It’s not about pain

Or never healing

Or scars

That never quite fade


It’s about virginity


Trust lost


Time heals all wounds


But for a leg amputated

No other can grow back on


You can only learn to live

With your other leg

And guard it

With all strength

You have left


You may heal

And the scars fade

But you can never ever

Have your leg back


And so I trust only once


Do not take it personal

Its everyone


I do second chances


But the second time round

I prefer handshakes

To embraces


Do not try too hard

I beg you

I really do not believe

People change


My one leg is gone

By you

You can’t really blame me

If I don’t offer the other one

For you to maim too


Can you?


And I do forgive

Totally, absolutely

I will never point a past mistake

At you

Never remind you

That once

You wronged me


But I remind myself


That I may love you so

But I will never ever

Lose my other leg

To anyone


Not even you


I trust only once

It’s not about pain

That I constantly cry over

It’s not about scars

Reminders of where I’ve been

It’s not because

I fear

Getting hurt twice




It’s a leg amputated

That can never grow back

Trust abused


So love me again

The second time round

Treat me better

I will return the favor


But do not blame me

When I cannot bear

To look at you


Do not get angry

When I cannot stand

Your touch on my skin


Win my heart

My love

These things you have

Any way


But do not try to win

My trust once again


You cannot make paper from ashes


Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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