June 27, 2013

I have felt beings around me
Behind me
Beside me

I haven’t heard whispers
Nor seen creepy shadows

Just felt presences

And I know
Beyond doubt
Other beings exist

I cannot see them
But I feel them

I feel them

And no
I do not think they are kindly angels
Or dreadful  demons

I just know they are beings
Like we humans are-
With more shades than one

So when I sit sometimes
And sense
Their unmistakable presences
And  entertain
Thoughts of them
Being in forms
I cannot perceive

They come close and ask
If I am ready
To see their faces

I always smile to myself
And tell  them

What if they make themselves
And startle the hell out of me

What if
Their faces
Are versions of what
I have leant to fear
Or reject

And sometimes
They might jump out
And show themselves

I think
What’s the worst
That could come to pass

If they wanted to harm me
They’d have done so
Ages ago

When they ask
If I am ready to see them

I always smile
And say
Not just yet

And just like that
They leave me alone
These unseen strange presences

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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