September 14, 2016

Water slowly fills up the toilet tank in the darkness two doors away. It is silent; everyone asleep save for my thoughts and my fingers. The candle beside mesteadily glows; an upside down flag, orange and ancient, standing strong on a single string and laughing at the failures of modernity. If I listen carefully close, I bet I’d hear it hissing. It’s how candles laugh.

But that’s just my mind speaking. It truly is silent.

So silent I can hear the hardrive hum underneath the keyboard I furiously tap upon. And pausing, I listen for some time to the sound of silence. Silence…is there such a thing or is silence merely humanity’s decision to call sounds so deeply meshed and hushed we cannot take them apart to call them by their different names?

A hundred sounds hum as one and we call it silence.

The most silent room in the world, I hear, was made by a scientist whose name escapes me now (I will Google later); and I hear too that the lack of sound therein threatens human minds with madness. And little wonder becausehow can we know true silence when our hearts don’t stop beating, and our skin hisses when we touch it?

Silence I think is how our mind says it is used to a thing so much that itspresence is akin to its absence. An absence we will undoubtedly go mad without but shrug at its being anyway.The way some people can sleep with music on and others cannot.

How fragile our threads to sanity are.

NOTE: Currently, the most silent room in the world is Microsoft’s Audio Lab 

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