February 15, 2015

Our neighbor fucks the girl that lives opposite us to the left side. He has a wife and two kids back in shagz. They visited sometime back. And even if she were here, I doubt she would say anything to her unfaithful spouse. She’s one of those women who were brought up being taught that you must stick to your man- no matter what. A good wife does that.

Or maybe she grew up in a broken family and she later swore that she’d stick to her husband no matter what.

Or perhaps she was told the brutal truth; she isn’t the prettiest lady around. Her clothes, boxy around her frame and that constant pale brown headscarf render her practically invisible. She’s no looker; she knows and accepts her status quo, perhaps gladly.

If her man cheats on her, she’ll say it’s because the city girls wear their shorts skirts and spend thousands on their plastic hair and paint their lips and eyes with bright look-at-me colors! What had she to be looked at for anyway? Why try at all?

If her husband chased after those girls, at least her peers won’t laugh at her for trying and failing to look stunning. They may feel sorry for her but at least they won’t laugh at her.

And she’d always rather be unbeautiful than a fool in front of the others.


*Shagz- Sheng’ word for a person’s native village or home.

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Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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