Like all writers,I tend to get a little insecure about my writing.I write a lot and some of it is in unpublished papers in my suitcase.things I should write out loud so I can get them of my chest.

I love keeping journals. They are safe kind of genres to write about.sure they may be about something that’s quite personal and takes guys to share, but still, they are safe.

A journal is that entry that allows you to vent and feel good yet you don’t really have to care what your reader thinks. So feedback is not a huge expectation and criticism is rare~I mean no one will comment that you should feel angry about this and that (or they run the risk of being told FUCK OFF!) A journal to a large extent is safe from cutting criticism that most of we writers would gladly avoid.

But you can only avoid it for so long. As an artist of any short, you are constantly under the scrutiny of other people-readers of your work or experts in your is unavoidable.

So this is it.I am done playing it safe. the one thing I have wanted to be since I learnt I could write was to be a great writer.

And if I have to be criticised to become gold then so be it. Short stories, taboo thoughts, poetry that bares my soul…name it!

I am a writer.and so I shall write. Not to get a million readers (even though that wouldn’t hurt 😉 ) but to express what I feel fit to.

And so I write…

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura