March 8, 2018

There is something to be learnt from people that lean more to their evil human nature; about perseverance and grit and the sheer will to see their malice through against all odds. Fate favors the bold and I don’t think there exist as bold a type of people as the evil kind. Perhaps it is why the world is more full of scum.

Evil people do not sit around wondering how much worse or malicious they can get in their quests; they simply raise the bars as they go- focused only on their destructive intent. Only good people sit by, doubt themselves and sometimes choose to live on hope and wishful thinking. And I think I truly don’t want to die a good person; only a noble one.

There are people I will crush in my quest for things; there are wrongs I will commit and have to live with, and yet in search of the bigger picture, I believe the things I go after are for a greater good.  If not for the world, then at least for people like me; those alive and the ones to come.

So I tell myself this: If you choose to go at something; if you absolutely can live with it no other way, then wear the cloak of the evil person and never second guess yourself. Tear down obstacles as they come and stick to your true nature but never let life have its way with you without you taking out of it, all the things your soul cannot live without.

If there are endless ways to evil and destruction, then there must also be endless ways to achieve goodness and fulfillment of one’s soul.

I do not intend to die a good person; only a noble one.

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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