June 23, 2020

You went for a run today. Your body ached for it and you could not wait to hit the highway so you could break into the jog. It’s the fourth time in two weeks and if it were upto you, you truly would do it more than the three recommended times. Strange, considering how you maintained for so long, that you absolutely hate running. The long walks pushed you on of course- and the dream of a stronger you. Him too.

You talk still but truthfully, you went off him. After that last episode, it’s not been the same anymore, yet you remain fond of him partly because of this; he teaches you things, about yourself and about life. Beautiful things.

And yet regardless, this one thing remains; that you must be treated with kindness at all times by anyone that claims to care for you. No one will ever be too important to get away with a single slight. Not one.

So you left it to the elements, to live or die if it pleases. Deep inside you know that only a face-to-face could do anything close to wiping the slate clean. You don’t pine over it though. You’ve been losing yourself in the things you like, the challenges that make you dare yourself further, plant life.

By the time travel will be possible, perhaps you will have gotten so used to loving and being by yourself that another offering their heart will be a mild annoyance to be shelved and ignored into oblivion. Perhaps you will remain good friends. Perhaps you will travel together again or perhaps you will never again want the memory of him tingeing your exploration of life and the world. Perhaps.

And bridge burner that you are, this one refused to turn to ashes. It’s all quite romantic really; maybe that’s why you stopped. Or maybe you have grown more patient with life and its chaos. Maybe this thing fascinates you the way strange plants that flourish out of nothingness do.

What can you do but simply let it be?

Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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