August 9, 2013

Things have changed
A little
I am more at peace
I don’t know
About you

I should care more
Call more
Try reaching out
Incase anything ails you
And you need

But it can’t be
It shant be

I am not the company you need
Never have been
Never want to be

I want to be detached
Like this

We said our sorries
Didn’t really mean them
The ambiance of the New Year
Called for the moment
I guess

But we can’t fix this

Not can’t

I want to be detached
Like this

I have learnt that
There are things
Not worth fighting for

A lover who cheats
Unrequited love
Dysfunctional anything

Blood or water
There are things
Not worth fighting for

This is one

I pursue other wars now
Against my inner demons
The ones we both created

I fight those now

My own true self
That’s worth fighting for

For if ever I am shunned
By you or the world
I will always have me

And that’s quite something

There is no law in the universe
That says I must kill
My self
For one who has given
The world
For me

I shan’t die for you

Journal: Oct.26.2020
Made of Sand
Not Dura, but Alaminadura

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