September 23, 2016


Speed of Sound reminds me of chilly days keeping my sister company while my niece was still unborn. We were both guilt-free couch potatoes waking up to TV and watching as many Fashion Police episodes as our reminders could allow. (Our love for the program died with Joan Rivers. Afterwards, it felt like watching The Bold and The Beautiful with a different Thorne; it just didn’t work out.)

Those were some of the most idyllic days I have had to date and it was then that I learnt how to have a clean slate and fill it only with things I actually like.Thinking back, I realize that time was greatly therapeutic for me. Because what fulfillment I find in life lies in the projects I carry out, I tend to sink to my lows if I achieve nothing of substance to myself. From that time I learnt that my mind sometimes needs time to reboot and just rest itself without being demanded much of. I was reminded again of the wisdom in just being and not rushing from day to day or task to mindless task.

To just be and love it.



Ghost Stories had just come out and because I don’t buy music (yes I love good music but I’m a shitty person first) I had only managed to freely download three of the songs on that album: True Love, Fly On and Magic. I was listening to these songs during our final class trip and Ngartia who sat next to me on the bus, pointing out places he calls home kept singing Magic (especially that part “I wanna faaaaaaall”) in his very VERY bad singing voice.

However, it was the beautiful piano play in Fly On that truly stuck and to date, the song still reminds me of that final class trip to cold Meru; how depressed I was , and yet fiercely determined that I would not be too depressed to be excited by this new place. How afraid I was that travel might be something my numbness could touch, so that even though I was dead tired and had the option of going to sleep after supper in that new town, I still chose to go out with friends to sample the night clubs.

And how at the last club, utterly mesmerized by the foggy night much to my friends’ bafflement, I realized with great relief, that my numbness had not touched some of the things that intrigue me.


Rainy Day will always touch me with the chill and warmth that is Wundanyi. Not only did I discover the song on my journey there but I also listened to it each of those three  days I stayed there. And rainy it was too during my stay- how fitting!

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