February 11, 2016

The year ended on a shitty note. This one begun on yet another shitty one; no surprise there. I’ve been so broke it’s hilarious and lucky for me, I’ve had friends give me fare, food and even pay up my contribution to a film venture whose production I was part of.

I hate begging, but it seems like alongside doing things I would normally chicken out of, I’m now forced to bend my pride to make things I badly want, happen. It’s not so bad really. At least I haven’t gone as far as selling my body 😂😂

I haven’t sunk into depression either which is fucking awesome! Or maybe it’s because part of me knows that if I sink now, I might be lost for years and so I can’t afford to let that happen. I’m doing anything and everything to stay afloat; from cutting links that sink me, to begging from unlikely quarters, to living at random places week after week and planning my activities as if money isn’t an issue at all.

I’m becoming okey with living a strange life.


Poem from Akello- by Abigael Arunga

For one, this year I want to write more on this blog, and further expand this other one which has pretty much taken a life of its own; and more than that, I want to lose myself in films- making them, studying them or teaching them. Four years in campus haven’t put me in enough intimacy with film and I want to change that.

Happily, it’s happening!

img_20160206_121647.jpgWe got to shoot something a week ago, I have yet another shoot to take part in next week and because shoots are generally draining- physically and psychologically- it really helps that for the rest of the year, I will be constantly inspired and reminded why I chose to study film thanks to IMAX.

The deal is that I get a free pass to all films at any of their 3 cinemas ( yes the third one is coming) for the rest of the year, and all I have to do is write about those films. I don’t know much about reviewing movies but it’s nothing I can’t teach myself, right?

Shot from Finest Hours at IMAX

Shot from Finest Hours

I shall not be paid for these reviews which is fine by me (I will probably make up for that by eating all their food during the premiers 😉😉). And part of me is actually glad there’s no money involved because for some reason that makes me more feel more free in my writing.

And so apart from the films I’ll get to watch at IMAX, I’ll be sharing thoughts on other films I find interesting as well. And it’s why I’ve added a Film category films there on my tabs. That should keep me accountable to share something cinematic every once in a while.

So cheers to all goodies I’ll stumble upon with my curious eye ; and for god awful films I might have to sit through, I shall gladly descend upon them with fire and a pitchfork.

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